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" Design Is the Silent Ambassador Of Your Brand "

" Consciousness through Art, Design & Creation"
- Jowyn Wong

At Wyn our profession is design, specialising in Automotive & Transportation. For over a decade, we are pioneers of digital and remote design, committed to all of our clients and projects, fabricating ideas and dreams into reality with iconic and award winning design through our unique strategy & design philosophy.

Based in the U.K, we provide a comprehensive range of services in design, forecast, strategy and solutions, specialising in areas such as bespoke projects, coach builds, autonomous, shared mobility, electrification, 

digital and connectivity. 

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It all starts here. With extraordinary visions, and plans to bring ideas to life, it starts with design. At WYN we are incredibly passionate and truly admire the idea of a vision, a dream, a passion, an alternative reality. We commit to transpire visions into reality. 


A Wyn-Win Situation


At the core we specialise within the automotive and transport design field. At WYN, we evolved to thrive in a tremendously demanding and ever changing landscape that is the transportation industry. Our experience with the use of materials, manufacturing methods and regulatory knowledge, enables us to  actively prepare our designs beyond prototyping to be considered for real world production.


Design is our passion that drives us forward to deliver innovative and unique design. Our philosophy embodies the power of emotionally-driven aesthetic values without compromise on functionality. We highly devote ourselves highly to materialising visions into reality, introducing ways to further supplement  your signature whilst carefully preserving your identity.


We let the design do the talking and as experts on visualising, we offer stunning photorealistic renderings and animated content throughout our design process. We want our clients to be instilled with their visions. At WYN we go to greater lengths to further cultivate your ideas throughout the creative process.


Less talk, more action. At WYN we highly pride ourselves with time management. It is within our philosophy and core skill to deliver precise and quality results in the most time effective manner. We are able to achieve exceptional efficiency with our digital and remote expertise and have devoted years to perfecting our unique workflow.


Information and knowledge is key, our work ethic is honesty and transparency. We offer informative strategic advice that best serves our clients, aiming to build strong and sustainable relationships with you to create an experience and journey that is enjoyable and memorable.