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Following the successful debut of Apollo Automobil with the Apollo Arrow concept at Geneva 2016, WYN was tasked to design the flagship signature. The mission for Apollo Automobil was to establish the brand with world leading design, catered for a new generation of enthusiasts, WYN successfully developed an identity that cannot be mistaken for any other, enter the Apollo Intensa Emozione. 


Designed by WYN, we achieved an incredibly complex and sculpted, yet aerodynamically efficient body.  Inspired by apex predators, the design represents striking and functional forms. With the extreme architecture, we also ensured beautiful continuity of lines that leads the eyes on a journey throughout the entire body. The surfaces and reflections are refined to react with the environment, showcasing a theatrical display of power and motion. Truly a visual assault on the senses.

The final sketches portraying the design direction of the Apollo IE. Inspired by apex predators and aviation the Apollo IE represents the cutting edge of formidable design, functionally efficient and became an instant icon.


Our visualisation techniques allow us to achieve precise details with a range of lighting scenarios and environments, combined with Virtual Reality our methods are incredibly effective and efficient, saving time and reducing unnecessary processes during the design stages, this process allows us to execute our surfaces with speed and accuracy.

Working closely with our partners, prototypes produced provides a clear indication of the product before production. We optimise this process to finalise the application of the materials used for production. 



The production vehicle demonstrates WYN's utmost precision to production from conceptualisation. Our attention to detail ensures that the final product full-fills the initial brief.  The complexity of the body truly challenged the boundaries of materials and manufacturing,  arguably the Apollo IE exterior possesses the most complex shapes achieved in Carbon Fibre, we pursued and assisted to create new approaches to materialising the IE in reality. 

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