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Jowyn Wong graduated in UK with a bachelors in Transport Design. Previous McLaren designer, Jowyn continues his devotion for innovation by design, possessing a natural skill and unique ability to apply the ethos of design to optimising various processes of product development, positioning and branding to achieving significant results.


Jowyn thrives on the discipline for efficiency, precision and design execution. He has developed a strong reputation and awareness for delivering services at remarkable speed and accuracy, leading products to market with a small and effective team.


Jowyn founded Wyn Design to provide unique services to the automotive and future mobility/transportation industry, the rapidly changing landscape for future mobility and automotive technology demands fresh approaches with cutting edge design processes and strategy. His mission is fulfilling the vision towards a united, beautiful, co-created and sustainable world for the present and the future of humanity and the planet Earth.


Jakub Jodlowksi graduated in UK with a bachelors in Transport Design. Jakub is an profound founding member of Wyn Design, his active roles include: Alias modeller, 3-D visualiser, project management, part time engineer and is the most friendliest guy you'll ever meet, Jakub shares the same visions and ideologies, he is relentless and an effective team member, he is also the founding partner of Wyn Design.



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